Miedema debates Science in Transition at WTMC Annual Meeting 2013

Frank Miedema will discuss Science in Transition at the WTMC Annual Meeting 2013. That will take place on Thursday 28 November and Friday 29 November at Felix Meritis in Amsterdam.

At the 2013 WTMC annual meeting Tom Gieryn will participate in a discussion about his famous concept of ‘boundary work’ with two current PhD students, Andreas Mitszchke and Jaron Harambam. Steven Shapin will hold an open lecture called ‘Who is the Modern Scientist?’. This will be held early Thursday evening, and is hosted jointly with the Huizinga Institute.

Aant Elzinga and Andrew Webster are kindly acting as discussants at the Dissertation Day being held on 27 November, but will also be present during the annual meeting. In addition, we will have discussions about two recent books: Greening Berlin by Jens Lachmund, and Virtual Knowledge, edited by Paul Wouters, Anne Beaulieu, Andrea Scharnhorst & Sally Wyatt, and including contributions by many other past and present members of WTMC.

We will also hear about the new Journal of Responsible Innovation, in which several WTMC members are involved; and we will think about ‘Science in Transition’, a new project launched by Huub Dijstelbloem and others.

Pogram and more info: http://www.wtmc.eu/events/annual-meeting-2013/

About WTMC
WTMC is a collective effort of scholars based in the Netherlands who study the development of science, technology and modern culture from an interdisciplinary perspective. Members of WTMC have backgrounds in the history, sociology and philosophy of science and technology, and other interdisciplinary fields including innovation studies, gender studies and cultural studies. WTMC is pluralistic not only in terms of discipline, but also in terms of objects of study, and methods and approaches used. WTMC started as a network in 1987, and was officially accredited as an interuniversity graduate research school by the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences (KNAW) in 1995. Accreditation has been reconfirmed in 2000, 2005 and 2011.

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