Doug Altman debates publication pressure in UMC Utrecht

On Thursday 16 January professor Doug Altman will give the keynote lecture on a mini-symposium in the UMC Utrecht about the Science in Transition debate.

One of the most highly cited and influential medical researchers in the world, professor Doug Altman from the University of Oxford, will present his view about the quality of reports about randomized clinical trials, with a focus to drug research.

Next, professor Carl Moons from UMC Utrecht will talk about the quality of prevailing research on medical devices, tests and biomarkers. He also discusses the question whether publication drift and quality can go hand in hand in this field. Then, professor Frank Miedema, dean and vice-chairman of the board of UMC Utrecht will reiterate the goals and challenges of the Science in Transition initiative.

Finally, Altman, Moons and Miedema will debate issues like publication pressure, scientific quality and societal relevance of medical research with the audience.

The mini-symposium is meant for UMC Utrecht employees. Venue: green lecture hall. Time: 14h-17.30h, including drinks.

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