Crafting your career event

On Wednesday October 30, the Rathenau Instituut and CWTS are jointly organizing an event for scientific researchers, Crafting your Career. Science is like top-class sport(s): Many researchers experience science as a very competitive business. Researchers are under pressure to deliver; to acquire funding from scarce resources and to publish papers in prestigious journals. How do you deal with this pressure, and how can you make productive use of other skills and qualities? Join us and learn from experts, get inspired by role models, discuss your experiences, and get practical tips and insights.

Beyond the rat race

A growing demand on researchers to perform seems to distract from other competencies needed or desired to be a good scientist. Or does it?

Crafting your career is an opportunity to discover the many ways to excel in science and beyond. What are your ambitions, what are your opportunities in academic science or elsewhere, how can you craft your career beyond the rat race?

The event aims at young researchers (PhD students, post-docs, assistant professors) from different scientific and scholarly fields, that will likely benefit from a balanced discussion about the pros and cons of recent trends in research evaluation.

Crafting your career will facilitate debate among early stage and senior researchers about career challenges in the current research system, and about ways to solve these either individually, or together. The afternoon is also a platform to meet researchers from various fields, career coaches, career experts and role models: an afternoon full of debate, information, networking and entertainment.



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