Start reading in stead of counting papers

Thursday 29 March 2018

The Health Council of the Netherlands recently concluded that not nearly all fields of research get the attention they deserve. Public health research and rehabilitation medicine have lost to genetics of autism or molecular cancer research.

Frank Miedema, Dean and vice chair of the board at UMC Utrecht, believes it all comes down to the current ‘cycle of credibility’. In this cycle researchers mainly get credits for number of papers, citations and Journal Impact Factors, instead of being rewarded for actual quality. Consequently, young researchers continue to opt for the already crowded fields, just because they give most academic credit and career advancement opportunities.

For this reason the UMC Utrecht started a pilot including evaluation criteria to assess new papers by. These criteria focus more on processes and diverse outcomes, and therefore the goal is to ‘read in stead of count’.

Read the full article by Frank Miedema here.

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