Dutch Health Council: “University medical centers can contribute more to the quality of care”

donderdag 20 oktober 2016

Research by university medical centres in The Netherlands can contribute more to the quality and affordability of care and prevention. That concludes the Dutch Health Council in a report issued the health minister.

To give research in university medical centers more impact, the Health Council gives a few recommendations. “This requires structural cooperation with other healthcare providers, patients and local authorities, in order to formulate research questions which are relevant to practice. For the financing of this research it is recommended to set up a fund to which stakeholder parties make a contribution. In addition, waste of research funds should be reduced and societal relevance of research should play a role in assessing researchers.”

The report follows the international discussion about waste in biomedical research and the need to develop new incentives and rewards to increase the value of research.

The report is in Dutch but an English summary is available.


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