Defending Biomedical Science in an Era of Threatened Funding

dinsdag 2 mei 2017

“Supporting scientific research should be a top priority of any society that aims to make progress and thrive. Reducing funding for research will adversely affect individual and population health. However, mounting pressure for budget cuts for major science agencies is an unfortunate reality.” Says John P. Ioannidis, MD, DSc in an online publication in JAMA (May 1st, 2017).

He continues by wondering “how the medical community, other scientists, and the public can defend science better under these circumstances? Can this challenge be used as an oppurtunity for reform?” According to Ioannidis, the answer to these questions is not in the successes of science, but in its major strenght: “correcting mistakes, fallacies and misconceptions by using the best evidence and critical thinking. Thus instead of claiming perfection, scientist should be accurate about what is known vs what is presumed; acknowledge errors and not oversell fidings; and embrace reform when reform is needed.”

Read the article on the website of JAMA or download the PDF.

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