The future of scholarly communication lies in Open Access

Tuesday 3 October 2017

“Citing and Reading Behaviours in High-Energy Physics” by Anne Gentil-Beccot and Travis Brooks is an analysis about the unique way the field of High-Energy Physics has explored different scholarly communication strategies. Gentil-Beccot and Brooks conclude that the universal adoption of Open Access is an advantage for both individual authors and the discipline as a whole.

In the article three main conclusions are made. First both researchers and their scientific field benefit from the embracement of Open Access , because this results in quicker scientific discourse. Second, the universal implementation of Open Access won’t bring any discussion with it, because of the instant advantages Open Access has. Third, as a consequence of the open access repository, peer-reviewed journals have lost their crucial role in the scientific discourse.

The article “Citing and Reading Behaviours in High-Energy Physics” is available here.

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