Inside Higher Ed starts “Rethinking Research blog”

Friday 14 July 2017

Over the last twelve years it has become clear concerns regarding reproducibility of research have risen. Not only the article “Why public research Findings are False” of John Ioannidis but also the lack of reproducibility of studies in the fields of psychology and cancer biology led to a so called reproducibility crisis. These concerns may undermine public confidence in science or lead to diminished funding for research. According to Stephanie Wykstra, research consultant and freelance writer for Inside Higher Ed, there has been plenty of coverage about the reproducibility crisis and its implications, but somewhat less attention has been paid to the question of how to move forward.

To give a boost to the answer of this issue, Inside Higher Ed publishes a series of articles from researchers leading initiatives to improve how academics are trained, how data are shared and reviewed, and how universities shape incentives for better research on the “Rethinking Research” blog. The first essay is to be found here. The rest of the series will relate to questions such as How are researchers trained? What resources and support do they receive? How do institutions respond to and reward their work?

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