Halffman and Radder update their ‘Academic Manifesto’

Friday 21 July 2017

In April 2015 Willem Halffman and Hans Radder published an Academic Manifesto. It described how universities are occupied by management, a regime obsessed with ‘accountability’ through measurement, increased competition, efficiency, ‘excellence’ and misconceived economic salvation. While the problems of academia were formed from a Dutch perspective they received supportive reactions by academics from many countries. Therefore Halfmann and Radder have now published a follow-up on their original manifesto to review the various forms of protest and reform initiatives of the past years and asses the changes of the main devices and policies deployed by the ‘Wolf’ of management.

In their report from the Netherlands Halffman and Radder describe the chances since their 2015 Manifesto. They describe how two critical movements, Science in Transition and the Platform for the Reform of Dutch Universities, arose and how students and staff of Dutch universities took action by protesting and by forming critical movements. Under the pressure of these and other events, small changes have been made to the rule of the Wolf in the Netherlands. As a conclusion they say that “some small progress has been made. Cracks have appeared and dissent has acquired legitimacy, but the tensions that sparked this dissent are still here. The huge wave of activism of 2015 has waned, but the resistance is still significant and much remains to be done.

Read the entire follow-up by Halffman and Radder here.

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