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Utrecht researchers launch register for ...

on Wednesday 24 January 2018

To improve quality of biomedical animal research, cardiovascular researchers launched a register of protocols for preclinical animal studies. The register forms part of a response to the controversy and confusion surrounding cardiac regenerative therapy. Utrecht researchers believe there is insuffic...

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It’s all about the content

on Friday 08 December 2017

Scientific significance is what matters and the international weekly journal of science Nature is proud of the wide variety of articles they have published. In “Citation is not the only impact” Nature explains its vision on the content the journal publishes. Rather than the amount of citations t...

The future of scholarly communication lies in Open Access

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on Tuesday 03 October 2017

“Citing and Reading Behaviours in High-Energy Physics” by Anne Gentil-Beccot and Travis Brooks is an analysis about the unique way the field of High-Energy Physics has explored different scholarly communication strategies. Gentil-Beccot and Brook...

Authorship on research papers: the power of senior academics

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on Monday 04 September 2017

In an opinion piece Trisha Greenhalgh criticizes senior academics misusing their power to acquire authorship on research papers they never worked on. Greenhalgh suggests an academic oath might help to prevent these practices. The article “Do we nee...

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