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DORA – an interview with Stephen Curry

on Saturday 21 April 2018

DORA (The San Francisco Declaration on Research Assessment) was founded in 2012 and has garnered thousands of signatories from individuals and organisations. Its main aim is to improve the way in which the quality of research output is evaluated. Stephen Curry, chair of the DORA committee, speaks ab...

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It’s time for change

on Sunday 08 April 2018

Stephen Curry, professor of structural biology at Imperial College London criticizes the current way scientific research is evaluated. As chair of the San Francisco Decleration on Research Assessment Group (DORA) he urges real change. “We have to get beyond complaining.” DORA is not the first to...

Start reading in stead of counting papers

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on Thursday 29 March 2018

The Health Council of the Netherlands recently concluded that not nearly all fields of research get the attention they deserve. Public health research and rehabilitation medicine have lost to genetics of autism or molecular cancer research. Frank Mie...

Utrecht researchers launch register for animal studies

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on Wednesday 24 January 2018

To improve quality of biomedical animal research, cardiovascular researchers launched a register of protocols for preclinical animal studies. The register forms part of a response to the controversy and confusion surrounding cardiac regenerative ther...

It’s all about the content

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on Friday 08 December 2017

Scientific significance is what matters and the international weekly journal of science Nature is proud of the wide variety of articles they have published. In “Citation is not the only impact” Nature explains its vision on the content the journa...

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